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Plasic straws have become a thing of the past. Are you ready to Bring Your Own Straw?

BYOS all stems from seeing a need and filling it. Several months ago a family member went to their regular establishment and was no longer able to get a straw with their drink. Why??? We became curious, then we saw videos of helpless Ocean creatures and read about all the harm not only plastic bags cause but all single use plastic. We realized we were guilty of being part of the problem so we are trying to change that… one person at a time. One step at a time. One straw at a time.


Saves The Ocean



Perfect To Bring On Vacation

  • These Straws Can Easily Fit Through The Lid Slot Of Your 20 oz Tumbler.
  • Taste The Difference With Beverages Such As, Boba Tea, Iced Coffee ,Fruit Juices, Iced Tea , Cocktails , And Even Your Water .
  • These Straws Are FDA Approved . No Rust ,No Odor, No Toxic Chemicals,And No Taste .
  • Very Easy To Clean Using The Soft Cleaning Brushes Provided Free Of Charge. 
  • Available In Six Colors, Our Straws Are Perfect For Everyday Use ,Birthday Parties ,Family Gatherings ,And Barbecues. 
  • BPA Free And Eco-friendly
  • UnBreakable
  • By Using These Straws Instead Of Plastic Ones We Can Protect Our Oceans ,Rivers, And Marine Life. 
  • Easy To Carry By Using The Black Velvet Reusable And Washable Bag Also Provided Free Of Charge.
  • Your Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority , If You Have Any Question Please Contact Us!

Get your straws now!

• Available in six colors

•304 food grade stainless steel

Provides thermal insulation and heat transfer

• Makes your drinks more enjoyable with temperature insulation and heat transfer

• Comes with a complimentary travel bag and cleaning brush

• Dishwasher safe


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