Wool Dryer Balls, The Latest Eco Trend

Making the change from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls can benefit you in several ways. No matter what, you come out the winner because money will be saved. It will be more costly initially but if you buy good, high quality dryer balls, there will be obvious savings by the end of the year. Also no chemicals will be emitted from your dryers exhaust vent into the environment or onto your clothes. Purchasing good quality dryer balls will properly absorb static and allow airflow between your clothes, you will also be cutting down on drying time thus saving your dryer usage. Therefore the environment wins also.

There are a lot of wool dryer balls available online, but how do you know which ones are good and will last more than a month? Which ones will suit your needs? Who has superior quality wool? We compare the top three dryer balls from different companies to see which will get you the softest clothes while being Eco-friendly.

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